Court of Fools (installation, 2023)
The alterity in me; water can’t drown (film, 2022)
Turin Horse; Physicality of Wellbeing (2020-2022)
Fountain of Wellbeing (Walls Don’t Clear Water) (installation, 2022)
Essay: Fountain of Wellbeing (Walls Don’t Clear Water) (2022)
Water me and I will grow like a field of flowers (installation, 2021)

Inside Archive (installation, 2021)
 – Be Like Water (performance, 2020)
 – Inside Poolside (exhibition, 2020)
 – Inside Poolside; diving in the world of water (essay and photo works, 2020)
 – Water from the same source (edition, 2020)
 – Souvenir (edition, 2020)
 – Court of Fools (painting series, 2019-ongoing)
 – Human After All (2018-2020)

Court of Fools (photo works, 2023)
Security (working title, 2022)
An Optimist and how to become one (developing, 2022-2023)
High Luster Pearl (developing, 2022-2023)


A body riddled with virus,
a mind crippled by crises.
Where to find sanctuary, for solace?
How to keep the horses out?
Immersing yourself in a sweet embrace.
Drifting in a boat through reflections,
onto new shores.
Becoming a fountain for wellbeing.
Growing like a field of flowers.
Being a fool in continuous motion.
Overcoming by failing miserably.
Human after all.